Cultural Committee

Mission Statement

The Cultural Committee is committed to promoting the Village of Ottawa through a variety of cultural events and experiences.  

The objectives of this committee are:

  • To work with individuals, businesses and community service organizations to encourage and support cultural events that develop and grow the vitality of the Village and surrounding areas.
  • To foster a culture of community in the Village through events that highlight local and regional music and arts, history and our natural surroundings.
Committee Members:
  • Megan Seitz Clinton, Chair
  • Nathan Huber
  • Corry Clinton
  • Jenna Schroeder
  • Phyllis Macke
  • Angie Huber
  • Kay Heringhaus
  • Bruce Stowe
  • Stan Beckman
  • Nadine Kahle

Village representatives: Mayor, J. Dean Meyer, Councilman, Tom Rosenbauer & Deputy Clerk-Treasurer, Julie Niese

Rex Center & Ark Stage

Contact Us

  1. 136 N Oak Street
    Ottawa, OH 45875
    Phone: 419-523-5020
    Fax: 419-523-4246
    Hours: M-F 7:30-4:30
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